Officer Involved Shooting in Pasadena


An investigation into an officer involved shooting in Pasadena near Old Town is underway after a suspect was wounded on Tuesday at 5:05 p.m.

The initial investigation involved U.S. Marshals Southwest Regional Task Force and law enforcement agencies including Glendale Police Dept.

The U.S. Marshals task force focuses on finding fugitives with felony warrants for their arrest in their name. They were in Pasadena where a suspect, later identified as Viren Moret, 31, of Altadena, was under surveillance.

“He was wanted for armed robbery and several burglaries,” said GPD Sgt. Daniel Suttles.

Moret had an outstanding felony warrant for armed robbery. Law enforcement found the suspect’s vehicle and had boxed him in with several cars. The suspect allegedly attempted to move out of the contained area; officers moved their cars to box him in tighter. The suspect allegedly tried to drive away.

Suttles couldn’t release any information as to why the Glendale officer was involved in the shooting of the suspect because the matter is under investigation.

The suspect was shot in the thigh and ran from the officers. He fled into a nearby parking garage where he asked a Good Samaritan for a ride. The person and the suspect drove toward the exit of the garage.

“The [driver] saw all the police at the exit and probably rethought his [decision] to give this guy a ride,” Suttles said.

The driver exited the vehicle and officers were able to take the suspect into custody. He was taken to the hospital for his gunshot wound and released.

In addition to his warrants, he was booked on assault on a police officer (not with a firearm).