After Four Decades Two Local Businesses Say Goodbye

The owner of Jane’s Cakes & Chocolate Supply, which was located for years in Montrose before relocating to La Cañada, is now hoping to pass the baton to a new owner.
Photos by Robin GOLDSWORTHY


Two local iconic businesses are closing their doors with the possibility of reopening with new owners.

Jane’s Cakes & Chocolate Supply, 645 Foothill Blvd. in La Cañada Flintridge, has been in the area for 41 years. Over the years the store has moved and different owners ran the supply store but it has been a constant go-to resource for all types of bakers, from professional to novice.

On Aug. 27, owner Tom Samaha had planned to close the doors and move the business to Nashville, Tennessee, where he has lived for the last year.

“When I sent out the notices [to our customers] that we were moving I got several inquiries asking, ‘Do you want to sell?’” said Samaha.

The decision to close the doors and move the business was very stressful for Samaha. He received a lot of feedback about how meaningful Jane’s Cakes has been to so many. He began receiving inquiries from people wanting to buy the business.

He said he doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but escrow looks like it is “going in the right direction.”

COVID has been a busy and interesting time for Jane’s Cakes.

“We never closed out doors,” he said.

For those who stayed “safer at home” baking was a way to pass the time though getting supplies was not easy. It was difficult to find flour and baking supplies at the grocery stores but Jane’s Cake was there for their customers.

“We were buying flour in 50 pound [bags],” he said. “We would repackage [the flour] every day from 500 to 800 pounds.”

They were able to get yeast when it was in high demand and even sold eggs and butter.

“Last year was our busiest year,” Samaha said. “And during that time we were sending out bread recipes to [our customers].”

Jane’s Cakes has been the go-to resource for professional bakers and also for those who have never baked before in their lives.

“We have had people come in who have never baked a cake before but were going to bake a wedding cake that was needed the next day,” he said. “We continue to be friendly and helpful.”

Another local business that has closed its doors has also been around for 41 years. Georgee’s Pizza announced it is closing its doors.

The doors to Georgee’s Pizza will be closing; however, according to a statement, the door will be opening again with a new business, Fresh Brothers Pizza.

“After 41 years of serving the community the time has come for Georgee’s Pizza to say goodbye. Closing wasn’t an easy decision, but Pizza George was ready to toss pizzas in retirement at his beach house instead of here in the kitchen,” according to a statement released on the restaurant website.

Georgee’s Pizza was the place to go after football games and for Jet Propulsion Laboratory lunches. It was always a place that non-profits, like Prom Plus, could look to for support. Georgee’s Pizza for years helped feed hungry seniors at the Prom Plus after-prom event.

The doors to Georgee’s will be closing; however, according to its statement, it will be opening again with a new business, Fresh Brothers Pizza. An opening date has not yet been announced.