Residents warned of solicitors


Residents in the 2700 and 2600 blocks of Mayfield Avenue reported that a man claiming to be a representative from AT&T has been going door-to-door attempting to gain entrance into homes.
A resident reported that a man came to her door in the late afternoon on Aug. 11 and said he was an AT&T service person. The resident asked him to wait outside. She locked the door and went to get another family member. When the resident returned the man had left. The CV sheriffs were called and a report taken. The resident said she had confirmed with AT&T they had not sent anyone out to the area.
On the same day another resident reported that a man who said he represented AT&T had come to his door as well. The man said he wanted to do some repairs and offered to look at the homeowner’s AT&T bill. The resident isn’t an AT&T customer. The man left.
CV Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Harley said the station had not received many reports concerning this type of incident but reminds residents if they did not call for repairs or have  any doubts about anyone that solicits at their door to call law enforcement.