Introducing The Misfits Club

The Misfits Club is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai gym that emphasizes community and collaboration for martial arts enthusiasts by martial arts enthusiasts. While we teach classes, our gym is not only centered around being a gym; we prioritize the people and students within it. The Misfits Club aims to develop and strengthen pillars of respect, responsibility and kindness, inherent to martial arts, and relay those same values to our students’ everyday life.

The Misfits Club is founded on decade-long friendships and comradery. Many of our local gyms closed down due to the pandemic, forcing the Misfits Club into a rebirth.

Over the past three years, our facilities have shifted from wrestling mats in a backyard to a small garage gym and finally to our first brick-and-mortar site. Throughout this rebuilding period, our focus on friendship, family and martial arts has remained constant to our core beliefs. When we decided to open our new space, we wanted to do it in our neighborhood. We felt as though our message could positively impact our collective community.

Unlike many current martial arts gyms, the Misfits Club doesn’t have a pay-to-promote/time based belt promotion system. Our instructors invest in skill assessment alongside mental fortitude to promote. We do this to give meaning and a sense of pride to each step of progress made. We want to acknowledge each students’ progress and award them accordingly, making each journey equally as unique and gratifying.

While our gym is newly built, our lessons are rooted in the traditional techniques and practices of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. We have an array of instructors, among other high-level students, that teach with efficiency, patience and empathy.

We stress the importance of passed-down knowledge from our black belts to lower-level students in hopes to set a new foundation for the next generation of students. We pride ourselves on fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds can come together to learn, grow and support one another.

Phone: (818) 714-0013