Nail Salon Robberies

The Burbank Police Department as well as surrounding cities have been investigating a series of Nail Salon Robberies. The listed suspects enter the targeted salon, inquire about the offered services, and then demand property. Please be aware of the involved suspects:

Suspect 1: Male, Black, approx. 6 feet tall, 180 lbs. Suspect 2: Male, Black, approx. 5 feet 8 inches, 160 lbs.Suspect 3: Female, Black, approx 5 feet 5 inches, 160 to 200 lbs.

Be cautious of who enters your salon

Make sure you don’t cover your windows

Leave blinds, curtains, and shades open in order to be aware of who is outside your business

Maintain a working surveillance camera system

If you witness or are a victim of a Nail Salon Robbery call for immediate police assistance.

Emergency Call 9-1-1

Non-Emergency Call (818) 238-3334