City Smokers Earn Brief Reprieve


Glendale citizens who enjoy a puff or two on their cigarettes can rest for another week. On Tuesday, Glendale City Council postponed a decision on indoor smoking in residences until next week’s council meeting.

The decision was made to allow Councilmember Rafi Manoukian, who was absent from the meeting, to be part of the decision process.

In 2010 the city enacted broad anti-smoking measures that prohibited smoking in public areas 20 feet from the doorways of any business, residential or public buildings. Smokers in Montrose as well as businesses such as Avignone’s expressed irritation with the ordinance, saying that it would effectively render the entirety of the Montrose Shopping Park a no smoking area.

Council will also revisit ordinances regulating smoking in city restaurants’ outdoor dining areas. The issue had been reviewed in August of last year, but council chose to not amend the standing rules.

A decision on indoor smoking will be made at the city council meeting on Aug. 21.