GCC to Meet at Water Reclamation Plant


The Glendale City Council will be holding its Aug. 18 meeting at the Los Angeles Glendale Water Reclamation Plant, 6100 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys. It is the fourth “workboot” meeting the council held this year, in which council members take to the workplaces of those who keep the city running.

According to Glendale City Manager Scott Ochoa, the water reclamation plant was chosen as a workboot meeting site due to the City Council’s recent approval of the construction of sewer pipelines for diverting wastewater from Los Angeles to Glendale’s water reclamation plant.

The $14 million Chevy Chase Sewer Diversion Project involves installing 4,300 feet of new pipeline along San Fernando Road. At the council’s July 14 meeting, Public Works Director Roubik Golanian said the project will save the city 2.5 million gallons of water annually.

Ochoa called the project “more than just a healthy investment in our infrastructure but one that will actually save us money.”

Construction is expected to begin this September for a period of 16 months.

The council had its inaugural workboot meeting at the Glendale Water and Power Grayson Power Plant in February and also held meetings at the Glendale Police Dept. and Glendale Memorial Hospital, with the intention of offering council members further expertise to make better informed policy decisions.

Ochoa said that the workboot meetings have “been a significant benefit for the Council and the community.”

Future workboot meetings will cover the Scholl Canyon Landfill and the Beeline bus system.

According to Tamar Sadd, Community Outreach assistant with the city of Glendale, the City Council will also continue hosting Council in your Neighborhood sessions, council meetings at various community centers within Glendale. The City Council previously held a Council in your Neighborhood meeting at the Sparr Heights Community Center and will hold its next meeting at the Brand Library and Art Center on Sept. 1.

The Aug.18 meeting will begin at 3 p.m.