From the Desk of the Publisher

A Chance to Say Hello


One of the many things that I am grateful for resulting from starting the Crescenta Valley Weekly almost nine(!) years ago is the near-constant encouragement I receive from our readers, advertisers and those who support us in general. For example, at Tuesday night’s National Night Out event at the CV Sheriff’s Station, I had a chance to visit with many acquaintances and met some new folks who were eager to share how much they enjoyed reading the paper. Blake Dellinger, who was there representing Assemblymember Laura Friedman, told me how important it is to have a regular presence in the CV Weekly (Friedman writes an op-ed piece for us the third Thursday of the month). We share the same viewpoint that the paper provides an important service by giving our elected officials (not all, but some – there’s only so much room I have to offer) an opportunity to keep in touch with their constituents.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta
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Another lady came by to say how much she and her family enjoy reading the paper every week.

“It lets us know what is going on in our neighborhoods,” she said.

Her sentiment echoes another that I received via email.

“The Crescenta Valley Weekly is the only source we have in the area for what’s going on in the community, particularly criminal activity,” wrote a neighbor.

Like others, I watch to see how larger newspapers are going to shift gears to stay afloat. My personal thought is that they don’t know what community they serve. Though as a small business owner I have had my share of challenges, I have never doubted who and what it is the CV Weekly serves ¬– they are our friends and neighbors, local businesses and those outside the immediate area that want to attract our shoppers. If the comments I regularly hear are accurate, they are also readers of the CV Weekly.

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