Politics in the Foothills


Republican Club of the Foothills

The Republican Club of the Foothills has set up shop at 2910 Foothill Boulevard and is preparing to walk the neighborhoods to get out the vote.

Their purpose is to educate and to reach out to neighbors to let them know how important this election is.

“We feel a responsibility to the nation to get out and work,” said Marvin Owen, volunteer at the Republican Club.

To these volunteers who are willing to give so much of their time to making calls, walking precincts and outreach, it is not just about getting the vote out but understanding the candidates and the issues.

“We want the voters to be educated,” said Phil Downs.
Republican Club of the Foothills
They are confident that once the voters know the facts, they will vote Republican.

“We want to right the ship of this country,” said Paul Hackett, president of the Republican Club of the Foothills.

But it goes beyond just getting their Republican message across. Walking the precincts and meeting other Republicans in the area can be used as a way for families to work together.

Bill Taliaferro said to him the outreach is a way to spend time with his children, making them a responsible voter.

“We went out together, father and son,” he said. “We are setting an example for future generations.”

“And there is nothing like shaking a hand,” Hackett added.

The last Thursday of each month the club has scheduled a dinner with a guest speaker. Tickets are $20 and the event is held at the La Cañada Thursday Club.

The Republican Club of the Foothills location has yard signs, bumper stickers and other items for sale. Club members are looking for more volunteers. There is a lot of ground to cover, a lot of hands to shake. For information on the club or to help volunteer, contact the club at (818) 248-4600.

Democrat Headquarters Holds Grand Opening

On Saturday, Democrats crowded into the United Democrat Headquarters in Pasadena celebrating their grand opening.

The spacious building at 519 South Lake Ave. in Pasadena has a stage for candidates and supporters to speak from, a lot of room to stuff envelopes and work together in support of their candidates and a store where those who want to wear their Democrat pride can buy a pin, shirt or hat.

Congressman Adam Schiff was on hand to fire up the crowd, telling them of the importance to get out the Democrat vote.
Democrat Headquarters Holds Grand Opening
“We need all of your help,” Schiff said. “We have a rare opportunity in California, which is [sometimes] an electoral after thought.”

He went on to tell the crowd that he felt that California has a chance this election to “take back the House of Representatives.” He added to do that, all would have to work together and work with other Democrats throughout the state.

It was that camaraderie between small and large Democrat clubs that was evident in this newly opened headquarters. Instead of each club opening an office in their specific area several, including the Cañada Crescenta Democrat Club, joined together to have one outreach office.

The volunteers are preparing to walk the precincts to get out the vote and to reach out with their message. In speeches by Assemblymember Anthony Portantino, senators Carol Liu and Schiff, the continuous message was to talk to neighbors and educate voters on the issues.

“Turn to the person to your right and introduce yourself,” Portantino said. “Now turn to the person to your left.”

Those in the room introduced themselves to each other and echoed Portantino’s call to get out the vote by registering more voters and working together to get a higher Democrat voter turn out.

He stressed that to succeed Democrats need to work together.

“And what happens when people come together for all the right reasons?” Portantino asked the crowd.

“We win!” The crowd responded.

Ready, Set, Vote

Although Nov. 6 is about 13 weeks away, the election season is well underway as candidate hopefuls vie for sound bites to get the word out about why voters should choose them.
The biggest race is, of course, the presidency but the race for Los Angeles District Attorney, congressman and senators are all as important.
Politics in the Foothills
Those up for election this November are
(incumbents are listed first):

U.S. States Senator
Diane Feinstein, Democrat
Elizabeth Emken, Republican

U.S. Representative District 28 includes both
La Crescenta and La Cañada
Adam Schiff, Democrat
Phil Jennerjahn, Republican

State Senator in District 25 includes both
La Crescenta and La Cañada
Carol Liu, Democrat
Gilbert Gonzales, Republican

State Assemblymember in District 43 includes both La Crescenta and La Cañada
Mike Gatto, Democrat
Greg Krikorian, Republican

Voters in California must register by Oct. 22, 2012 for the November 2012 general election.

Politics in the Foothills