Residents Evacuated Following Explosion


Photo and story by Mary O’KEEFE

The southbound lanes of Pennsylvania Avenue from Foothill Boulevard are closed due to an explosion in one unit of an apartment complex in the 4400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Apparently an exterminator was doing some fumigation work in a unit.

“What could have happened was the fumigation met with an ignition source like a pilot light,” said Glendale Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Thomas Marchant. “We mitigated any hazards that existed when we got here.”  Both the gas and electricity were shut off for the entire complex and all residents were evacuated.

A senior building inspector from the city of Glendale Building Dept. has been called to address any building structure problems. At press time it is unknown how long before residents can return to their apartments. The fire department is in the process of arranging accommodations for the five people who live in the apartment unit where the explosion occurred if it is determined that it is unsafe for them to return.

“One man was transported to USC VHH [with minor injuries],” said Glendale police Sgt. Ruiz.

GFD responded with three engines, one truck, two ambulances and a battalion command vehicle. Glendale police also responded.

Glendale fire department is still investigating the incident.