City will keep watchful eye as future of building is decided

The large medical building on the corner of Broadview Avenue and Verdugo Road remains vacant and is being auctioned off. "It will be on our watch list," said director of planning for the city of Glendale Hassan Hagani.


According to Glendale city officials, the vacant development in the 3600 block of Verdugo Road may change ownership, pending an auction, but will likely remain a medical office because of its use permits.
“At this point we will have to have a wait and see approach,” said director of planning for the city of Glendale Hassan Hagani.
Since the building, which is located on the fringes of the Montrose Shopping Park, has entered bank foreclosure, the property’s ownership could see a change. And until then, the city of Glendale can only make sure that the building is maintained while it is not being used.
“That’s something that we’re concerned about and what we focus on is that the building does not stay unused for too long,” said Hagani.
Until the building is ready to rent office space out again, the city will be watching to ensure that the property doesn’t become dilapidated. Signs of dilapidation can come in the form of graffiti, poor upkeep, uncollected garbage or untrimmed landscaping.
“It will be on our watch list,” affirmed Hagani.
Since the building has been carved out on the development map for commercial use its purpose as a medical office cannot be changed unless a new owner petitions the city for new permits.
This means that owners of the building cannot use the property for purposes that are beyond what the building was originally designed and approved for.
“The uses that have been approved have been very specific …They would have to remain with the approved uses,” said Hagani. “So we will keep an eye on the building to make sure that there isn’t any change to the use of the building and occupation of the building.”
The city official added that despite harsh economic times, the building’s failure to enthrall could have more to do with its utility and less to do with the notion that people may not want to risk a financial venture in new office space.
“I can tell you that in our experience, even with the recent economy cycle, the need for medical offices has not necessarily changed a great deal in Glendale,” said Hagani.
According to a previous report, the 31,760 square foot building is listed in foreclosure at $10,594,212.27.