Chairman concerned about pre-built projects
Glendale Design Review Board #1 chair Ivan Insua expressed concern at the board’s most recent meeting over the number of projects coming to the board for design approval when previous approval had not been sought or obtained.
The latest local project presented to the board for belated action is an 836 square foot addition and a detached deck at 3916 Burritt Way.
The project was reported to the city last year and a code enforcement case is pending. The owner is Nicholas Christopher.
Insua said he was most concerned about a second floor addition not inspected by building and safety, with people living in it.
The DRB handles design issues only, while the building and safety department oversees construction concerns
Insua said the design boards much prefer to work with plans instead of previously built projects.
The board eventually approved the project with a number of conditions in place.

Quality of life report questioned
The quality of a report updating the city’s quality of life indicators took a beating Tuesday night from the Glendale City Council.
The report, prepared by a citizens committee under the direction of the Neighborhood Services Department, was criticized by council members for inadequate and confusing data.
City Manager Jim Starbird acknowledged the inadequacies of the document, but said the city didn’t have the resources to do better. Asked about possible follow up work, Starbird was blunt: “Nothing is planned,” he said.
Cut and paste numbers from various sources indicated the city has drug issues, a generally more obese population, a lower median income than surrounding cities, increasing rents and a continuing shortage of park land, especially in the south.
The quality of life report is available on line, and Starbird promised introductory material to make the shortcomings clearer.
The meeting also featured another episode of the Herb and Ara show, with mayor Ara Najarian expressing surprise over the inclusion of council gadfly Herbert Molano in the effort.
“That man cost the city $700,000 in a lawsuit which the city won,” the mayor said. “And he lives in Tujunga.”
Neighborhood Services administrator Sam Engel said Molino participated as a Glendale property owner. Najarian told the city manager to notify the council when Molano applies to join any city backed group.
The council finally decided to note and file the report, the lowest recognition it could give.

By Charles Cooper