The First Deadline to Submit Maps Concerning District Elections

The City of Glendale is considering a shift to district elections, and the proposed change will be put before voters on the March 2024 ballot. If voters approve this plan the change would take effect beginning with Council elections starting in 2026.

Throughout the process, City representatives have been encouraging residents to draw their own maps of proposed city council voting districts that will be considered. The City of Glendale wants the public’s input on where district lines should be drawn.

There is still time to comment in this first round deadline. People have until Aug. 5 to submit a map for consideration at the third public hearing on Tuesday, Aug. 15 at Glendale City Hall, 613 E. Broadway. To learn how to draw and submit a map, visit

For those who miss the Aug. 5 deadline, they can continue to submit maps and other feedback for the Council’s consideration at the fourth public hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at

For more information on Glendale’s district formation process and how to participate, visit