It’s Official: Bye-bye, Sign


The City of Glendale confirmed that the Welcome to Glendale monument signs that had been run into by cars several times will not be replaced.

The City removed the rest of the damaged Welcome to Glendale sign at the east end of Foothill Boulevard on May 30 after the sign was badly damaged on May 20 after being struck by a car. A driver collided with the Welcome to Glendale sign at Pennsylvania Avenue and Foothill Boulevard at about 9 a.m. on Friday, May 17. The vehicle flipped over on impact. The driver reported no injuries.

The Welcome to Glendale signs had an embattled history in the Crescenta Valley. At first there were two, one placed on Foothill Boulevard just east of Lowell Avenue and the second placed on Foothill Boulevard just west of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The signs were installed in 2016 and, although there were community meetings prior to their design and construction, some residents and businessowners in the area were surprised when their installation was completed. There were many who had negative comments that ranged from not wanting the signs at all to concerns about their placement. The signs were in the center of the boulevard.

The first accident occurred in December 2017 followed by two more accidents with all vehicles slamming into the sign at Lowell and Foothill. One driver was elderly; the other two were suspected DUI.

In November 2018 the City decided not to repair/reconstruct the sign at Lowell. This is the first accident on record for the sign near Pennsylvania Avenue. The damage was severe.