Bicyclists No Longer “Rack” Their Brains for Place to Park


Local bicyclists traveling east of Pennsylvania Avenue will no longer need to search for a safe place to park their bikes on Foothill Boulevard now that snazzy new bike racks are available along the thoroughfare.

The CV Town Council worked with the county of Los Angeles to get the bike racks in place. The county had to decide if the racks were feasible (looking at measurements of the sidewalk, etc.) and beneficial for the community. Once decided upon, the county oversaw the funding, design and installation of the racks which come in two shapes: that of a bicycle and also of a peg and hitch.

“We are developing a bike-friendly community,” said Paul Rabinov, who assisted with moving the project along.

The bike racks build on the implementation last year of bike lanes along Foothill Boulevard. The next goal of the Crescenta Valley Town Council is establishing bike routes leading to parks and schools.

“It’s a beneficial thing for the community,” said Rabinov.

To determine placement, business owners were asked if they minded putting a bike rack in front of their establishment. Those who were hesitant didn’t have one installed.

Some places along Foothill Boulevard that the racks can be found are in front of St. Luke’s of the Mountains, Chase Bank and Bank of America. In total, there were 11 racks installed about a month and a half ago.

“We hope people use them and feel more comfortable riding their bikes on Foothill,” said Rabinov.