New Caucus Election Announced for 43rd District


A new Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM) will be held for the 43rd Assembly District on Sunday, July 19.

“The reason the ADEM is being held again is due to a decision of the CDP (California Democratic Party) Compliance Review Commission, as modified on appeal by the CDP’s Credentials Committee,” according to a statement by the CDP.

On Jan. 11, the Democratic Party conducted a caucus at Glendale Community College. After the caucus, though, there were some issues/complaints brought to the attention of the CDP. The Democratic Compliance Review Board conducted a review where they found some questionable votes cast in the caucus election. The review board did not find fraud but confusion.

“We don’t see intent here,” said Michael Soller, California Democratic Party spokesman. “What we see is confusion.”

The new election will be held at the Pacific Community Center, GYM B, 501 S. Pacific Ave., in Glendale. Registration will begin at 11 a.m. and close at 2 p.m. when the election will begin.

According to the CDP, to be eligible to vote at the ADEM the voter must be a Democrat registered to vote in Assembly District 43 as of Oct. 20, 2014. Confirmation of voter eligibility, i.e. voter registration validation, will be done earlier.

Six women and five men will be elected to the Democratic State Central Committee. Only those candidates who were approved by the CDP for the Jan. 11 vote will be eligible.

An election for the 43rd Assembly District Representative to the CDP executive board will also take place at the July 19 election.

For more information, contact CDP headquarters at (916) 503-7302 or email