Public Involvement Leads to Arrests


Two recent arrests were credited in part to local residents getting involved and calling police.

Glendale police responded to a call concerning a man who appeared to be going from vehicle to vehicle attempting to open the car doors in the 3200 block of Altura Avenue. A resident reported that she witnessed the man, later identified as Artak Art Uzumyan, 29, of Glendale attempting to open the doors of her vehicle. Uzumyan fled the area when the woman’s car alarm was activated. The man, according to the witness, was able to gain access into a neighbor’s car.

When the officers arrived they allegedly witnessed Uzumyan sitting in the driver’s seat of the car, all doors closed. The officers witnessed the man allegedly holding a metal ratchet in one hand and a cellphone in another.

The officer asked Uzumyan what he was doing; he reportedly replied, “I’m not stealing anything.”

After an investigation, it was discovered Uzumyan was on parole and had a cellphone charger and library card on his person. Uzumyan told the officer his cousin owned the vehicle he had been in. However the vehicle was not registered in the cousin’s name, and police contacted the relative who could not identify any of the items on Uzumyan’s person.

Police discovered that Uzumyan had been convicted of robbery in 2001, burglary and petty theft in 2002.

He was arrested and transported to Glendale City Jail. In another incident, Glendale police officers responded to a call from a woman who reported that her nephew had returned home on Sunday evening under the influence.

As the officer approached the home he noticed the man, later identified as Donovan Emsworth, 41, of Burbank, standing in front of the residence facing the front door.

Officers noticed that he was holding a rifle in his right hand. The officers cautiously approached the man with their service weapons drawn. An officer ordered Donovan to put down the rifle, with no response. He ordered the man once again to lay down his weapon, which he obeyed by putting the rifle down on a nearby bench.

Officers found nine .22 Caliber bullets and a black Ruger rifle magazine in the man’s right pants’ pocket. It was later discovered that the magazine contained 10 .22 Caliber bullets.

He was arrested for possession of a loaded firearm in public.

“This is a great partnership with the community,” said Lt. Scott Bickle, Glendale Police Department. “We [encourage community members] to call us if they see anything suspicious.”