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And Down She Goes

I’m beginning to think that exercise is definitely over-rated.

On Sunday, I had my day planned. Get up, take a walk (which up here in the foothills can be rather taxing), shower, head to church, then catch up on some work at the office.

I got up okay, but then everything – including me – went down hill.

My son Patrick and I along with my granddaughter decided to walk up Ramsdell, across Markridge and over to East Mountain Pine. A bit of a hike, but one I’ve been making a point of taking regularly.

So off we went. We were doing fine, finishing the last leg before heading home when I hit a rock unexpectedly and wham! Down I went.

My ankle started swelling immediately and the pain was so intense that I started the deep breathing techniques learned in Lamaze class. Keep in mind that my youngest is 19 years old. Ouch.

Thankfully, Patrick had his cellphone, so he called his brother to come rescue us. They loaded me into the bed of the truck like a sack of rice and got me home and onto the couch. With bags of ice on my foot and knee, it was clear I wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

With four sons, we had plenty of crutches for me to choose from, so now I’m at least a little more mobile, which is essential. After all, on Saturday is the Rosemont Preserve celebration (see In Briefs for details) plus the Independence Car Show on Honolulu (see page 13 or Mary Dawson’s article on page 21 for more info) not to mention the 4th of July is just days away. I need to heal so I can get around the field at La Crescenta Elementary for the fireworks show.

Speaking of which – Prom Plus Club will be on hand offering premium parking for the show at Community and Ramsdell avenues. Just $10 with 50% of the proceeds benefiting the PPC. First come, first served.

I hope to see you at the many events around town. And try to mail a donation if you plan to watch the fireworks from your home rather than coming to La Crescenta Elementary – it’s when all of us pitch in that we get to have great events like the July 4th fireworks show.


I’m always looking for ways to get the paper distributed via more outlets (I just hate the idea of folks not being able to find their local paper), so I’m excited to announce that the CV Weekly is now available in the green news racks along Honolulu Avenue.

The racks belong to the Quarterly Mailer, a magazine-type product that has discounts on businesses around town. Owner John Zargarian graciously offered space in his high-end racks for the CV Weekly and I quickly said, “yes!”

So, if you’re strolling along Honolulu Avenue and looking for a CV Weekly, chances are you’ll find us stacked comfortably next to the Quarterly Mailer.


Finally, I’ve got to tell you how much fun we’ve had since we broke the story that Meatball, the bear with a taste for Italian treats, was back in town.

Local resident Kelly MacDonald sent the pics of the bear to me last week and Mary O’Keefe and I couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the tag on the bear’s ear was the same number issued to Meatball – number 210.

Mary got the story from Kelly asap and we had the story online Friday afternoon. Perhaps you saw the pictures on KTLA – they called us for permission to use them.

Just a reminder to always take a minute to check every day to learn what’s happening in the Crescenta Valley.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta  Valley Weekly. She can be  reached at  or (818) 248-2740.
Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta
Valley Weekly. She can be
reached at
or (818) 248-2740.