Calling all Neighborhood Watch captains

GPD prepares for neighborhood training to cover home security, safety program.


Glendale Police Department’s North Area Command Neighborhood Watch will be holding its Quarterly Block Captain’s training on Wednesday June 30 beginning at
6:30 p.m.
“We will be discussing home security and how to get more people involved with the Neighborhood Watch program through our National Night Out on Aug. 3,” said Officer Matt Zakarian.
The focus of National Night Out will be a little different for the north area command, which is in Crescenta Valley.
“We will have some bigger events but we will be [focusing] more on smaller neighborhood events,” Zakarian said.
In this way neighbors get to know their neighbors and hopefully will join the Neighborhood Watch.
The concept of neighborhood watch is as old as society itself. Neighbors watching out for fellow neighbors is a way to help prevent crime in the area. It is also a way to identify people, like the elderly, who may need help in case of an emergency.
The block captains’ job is to coordinate meetings and events along with organizing their neighborhood watch.
“This meeting is for block captains but if anyone is interested in being a captain they are welcome,” Zakarian said.
National Night Out is an evening when communities across America come together to take a stand against crime, Zakarian said.
Neighborhood Watch and National Night Out is a natural partnership. Both events work to bring the community together in a strength-in-numbers style to prevent and educate themselves on crime in the area. The night out and the watch programs are also a way to empower citizens.
For information on Neighborhood Watch contact Officer Zakarian at or call the GPD Community Policing at (818) 548-4015.