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Hot Topic Leaves Burning Question


Heard on nearly every newscast this week has been the issue of separating families who illegally cross into the United States. Most of these immigrants are coming to the United States in search of a better life; some are running from oppression that includes the threat of violence and even death. The search for a better life is undeniably understandable.

But there are laws in place for immigration into the United States, though not always followed by either side of the border. The current Administration is instructing that these laws be adhered to. One of the results was families coming illegally into the United States or attempting to gain asylum from unbearable situations in their native land then being separated while the adults were processed.

While both sides of the political realm – Republicans and Democrats – were eager to point across the aisle to accuse the other side of causing this ripping apart of families, no one turned attention to the persons who created the situation: the adults who made the decision to come illegally into our country. Why is no one angry with the adults who made the choice to come into the country illegally knowing that separation from their children might be the result of their action?

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While it might be more humane to quickly process immigrants and issue instructions to return to court at a later date to be dealt with, this “catch and release” policy has not worked. The fear by many is that these people blend into society never to be heard from again.

Having a plan in place to quickly assess each asylum applicant, keeping families together while this assessment is being made, then issuing asylum when appropriate is the best solution. But a real concern is that our society’s infrastructure is nearing max capacity. If that happens and immigrants are turned away they will not be the only losers.

Do immigrants bring value to our country? Look around you – most people’s ancestors were immigrants. The Crescenta Valley boasts a high number of immigrants. Legal immigration has helped make America great. But in recent years the influx of illegal immigrants and the cry that there should be no borders have curdled the enthusiasm of some Americans in welcoming new arrivals. Organizations like Pueblo Sin Fronteras (loosely translated: People Without Borders), based here in La Crescenta, caravan people into the United States and “provide humanitarian aid to migrants and refugees.” The rules dictating legal immigration are complex; does Pueblo Sin Fronteras understand and follow them? Its website offers few answers. (I did send over an email with specific questions and will share these answers once I receive them.)

With the signature by President Trump on an executive order to end family separation at the border, the heart-wrenching drama of families being torn apart may be halted. Attention can then be turned to the thousands who want to be granted asylum to call America their home. If and when asylum is granted, they can then focus on creating a future for their families instead of living in fear.