Father, Son Arrested for Weapons and Cultivating Marijuana

On June 13 at 9:26 a.m., the Glendale Police Dept. AB109 Task Force and the Los Angeles County Probation Armed Unit conducted a probation compliance check in the 1300 block of Blossom Street in the City of Glendale. The team was conducting a compliance check involving two brothers, 24-year-old Vahe Harutyunyan and 22-year-old Garik Aroutiounian. The brothers are on active probation with search and seizure conditions.

Upon arrival at the residence, the team contacted Vahe and his father, Norik Harutyunyan, as well as two additional family members. A search of the residence revealed an elaborate illegal marijuana grow in a converted room. In addition, team members located a .22 caliber assault style rifle, a .50 caliber handgun, a loaded .32 caliber Beretta handgun, scales and several boxes of ammunition. Approximately $100,000 in cash was found hidden under the couch and in canisters.

Harutyunyan, Norik

The City of Glendale Code Enforcement responded and found numerous violations and unpermitted additions to the home. After an inspection of the residence, code enforcement officers deemed the house unsafe and the electricity was disconnected. The home was “yellow tagged” until the owner completes the required repairs followed by an inspection.

Vahe and his father Norik were arrested and booked for drug and weapon violations. A probation hold was imposed on Vahe. Norik has since posted $500 bail.

Harutyunyan, Vahe

At the conclusion of the investigation, 158 plants were seized and an additional three pounds of marijuana were located in bags.

Norik could face additional fines related to code violations.

Garik was not home at the time of the investigation.

The case remains under investigation.