Street Racers Arrested Cars Impounded


On June 14, at approximately 4:30 p.m., officers were working speed enforcement in the area of Glenoaks Boulevard and Raymond Avenue when they observed two vehicles accelerating at a high rate of speed westbound on Glenoaks.  The vehicles appeared to be taunting one another to speed up.

As the officers were catching up to the two vehicles, they stopped for a red light.  Once the light turned green, both vehicles rapidly accelerated to speeds of approximately 70 MPH as they attempted to gain superiority over one another.  The posted speed limit on this section of Glenoaks is 40 MPH.

Officers were able to stop both vehicles and contacted the drivers, identified as 29-year-old Harutyun Gevorgyan of Burbank and 28-year-old Hrachik Melikyan of Sun Valley, regarding the violations.

Both drivers were arrested for illegal speed contest and their vehicles were impounded.

The Glendale Police Department reminds everyone to adhere to all traffic laws; keeping Glendale safe is our top priority.