From the Desk of the Publisher

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
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I had the privilege this week to attend the mobile certificate pick-up at Rosemont Middle School and the mobile graduation at Crescenta Valley High School.

For over 10 years I have covered the high school senior commencement and, as a parent, have attended four promotion ceremonies at Rosemont Middle School. But this year COVID-19 greatly altered these milestone celebrations causing principals and staff to scratch their heads wondering how they could create lasting memories for their students.

Thankfully, Principals Scott Anderle (at Rosemont) and Linda Junge (at CVHS) are creative people and between them and their staffs they did a great job despite the many restrictions put upon them.

Both schools had “drive-through” events. The honored student sat in the passenger seat of their family’s car. On Tuesday at Rosemont, a line of cars stretched up La Crescenta Avenue then turned onto Los Olivos where the street ended at the back entrance of the middle school. Teachers (all wearing masks) greeted the students, discreetly radioed ahead to alert those preparing the certificates, and waved the car onto the roadway leading into the school. Teachers and staff lined the drive shouting greetings and well wishes. “I miss you already!” “Congratulations” and “Woo-hoo” were just some of the shouts.

At the top of the road was the Rosemont Spartan with Scott Anderle. The two enthusiastically greeted the students and families as they drove under a canopy of blue and white balloons before approaching another teacher or staff member who handed them their certificate. They then drove off the upper field and onto Raymond.

At Crescenta Valley High School on Wednesday, a line of cars heading north on Ramsdell Avenue made its way into the faculty parking lot where graduating students were hailed by teachers, counselors and other supporters. The cars then turned from the parking lot into the driveway leading onto Community Avenue. The graduate, in cap and gown, walked east on Community as their family followed in their car, most taking video. More teachers and staff were shouting congratulations and students then made their way up a short ramp where Principal Junge was waiting with Superintendent Dr. Vivian Ekchian. In lieu of handshakes, elbows knocked, the student proceeded down the ramp and stopped in front of the giant Falcon inflatable to have their picture taken by Bronson Photography. The students then got back into their cars and they drove under a Falcon arch as small spark fountains ushered the new graduates on their way.

Were these typical events? Not at all, but they served the purpose of showing these students how proud their teachers, principals, counselors and staff were of them and their accomplishments. And, by doing so, our schools created lifetime memories for some resilient young men and women.