Weather Lows Don’t Dampen Graduation Highs

CVHS senior and Prom Plus Club President David Green makes his way to his seat during graduation ceremonies on Wednesday evening. Photo by Mary O’KEEFE

Students across the foothills prepare to graduate ­– and to move forward.


Graduation day was yesterday and seniors across the area walked across the stage to receive their diploma. Some are preparing for college, university and trade schools. Some are preparing to jump into the job field immediately and some are just taking a break.

The one thing they all have in common, though, is they made it through 13 years of education – 14 years if preschool is included. Every day during the school year, including during summer school, most knew exactly where they should be and what they were doing. The focus was always on moving forward with scheduled classes and times and scheduling sporting, art, science and club events. As they walked the stage many experienced a sense of freedom that comes from growing up. But perhaps those feelings were mixed with concern about the future. However, no matter where they go in life many have created friendships that were forged during their school years and although those friendships will change the foundation on which they were built will not.

At Crescenta Valley High School, the Class of 2023 was awarded about $2.8 million in scholarships and had supported their neighbors by serving over 79,015 hours of community service during their years. This was despite two years of enduring lockdown due to the pandemic. There were 108 students who graduated summa cum laude, 114 as magna cum laude and 167 as cum laude.

To be listed as cum laude these students have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 to 3.99; magna cum laude students have accumulated a GPA of 4.0-4.199 and summa cum laude students achieved a GPA of 4.2 or above.

As is the school’s tradition students were chosen to make senior speeches addressing their fellow students and attendees. As of press time, Christina Sua was scheduled to give a speech titled “It’s All Temporary” and Marta Pambukhchyan was scheduled to give a speech titled “Saying Goodbyes: Acknowledgements and the Path to the Future.”     

The Charismatics choir and CVHS graduation orchestra are also scheduled to perform.

Clark Magnet High School graduated its largest class in the school’s history with 277 seniors earning their diplomas. They performed 23,710 community service hours – an amazing feat when considering the two years of lockdown experienced during COVID-19.


As of press time, the scheduled speakers at the graduation ceremony were Nathan Scherrer giving a speech titled “Thermodynamics: The Making of a Graduating;” Alex Hakobyan presenting his speech titled “To My Clark Family;” Vanya Arakelian speaking on “To Be Candid, To Be You;” and Emily Aivazian giving a speech “The Child Within Us.”

Earning the title of valedictorian was Nathan Scherrer.

Next week CVW will have more photos and more coverage of promotions and graduations throughout the area.