City Modifies Face Covering Order

On June 2, the Glendale City Council modified and extended the Face Covering Order.

Since the City declared a state of emergency on March 16 in response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the City has undertaken a number of actions to protect life, property and public health and safety, including regulatory actions, economic development efforts, and tenant protection and assistance efforts to help residents and businesses.

The Glendale City Council amended the Face Coverings Order by:
· Extending it to June 30;
· Providing additional exceptions to the Face Covering Order:

Persons don’t need to wear a Face Covering when:

  1. Alone or with household members only.
  2. If face covering creates a risk related to work activity under federal, state, local laws or workplace regulations.
  3. Indoors, provided that (i) there is at least six feet of space and (ii) Others are not likely to be in the same space for a few days.
  4. Outdoors, provided that (i) individuals are alone or with household members only, when nobody else is within 30 feet. Individuals must keep Face Coverings visible and ready to cover mouth and nose when others are within 30 feet.

Previous exceptions listed in the Face Covering Order continue to apply. For additional information about Face Coverings, view the Order here.

To date, the City Council has moved forward with several economic development efforts intended to provide resources or financial assistance to local businesses negatively impacted by the economic fallout associated with COVID-19. On May 19, the Council directed the inclusion of funding of several economic development and recovery programs into the fiscal year 2020-21 budget from Measure S funding, including: small business recovery and assistance programs, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) grants, Support the Arts programming, child care support, and Enhancing Access to Emergency Recovery.