Al Fresco Glendale – Outdoor Dining and Retail Permits

On Tuesday, June 2, the Glendale City Council authorized the establishment of the Al Fresco Glendale program, which includes options for extended outdoor retail and dining in public and private locations. It is the goal of Al Fresco Glendale to provide businesses with a low-cost alternative to re-establish their customer base to pre-COVID times by offering outdoor dining and retail alternatives. Cities across the world have adopted similar programs as a way to help small businesses and serve as an important marketing tool as seeing diners and shoppers outdoors again will hopefully get people more comfortable to returning to your stores!

This program expands the current sidewalk dining and temporary certificate of occupancy permit to do the following:
· In addition to restaurants and taverns, retail businesses are now allowed to sell outdoors or in the parklets.
· Waive the application fees for both the Sidewalk Dining Permits and Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Permits for 90 days, effective June 9, 2020 to Aug. 31, 2020.
· Allow for restaurants to offer outdoor dining in private parking lots through the application of a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.
· Allow for the creation of parklets, which will include City-designated locations that will allow for outdoor dining, retail and alcohol service, so long as businesses review the soon-to-be released guidelines below and meet all standards as outlined in the Sidewalk Dining Permit Application.

There are nine proposed parklet locations in Montrose. These locations have been identified in collaboration with the Montrose Shopping Park Association and will require taking curbside parking in exchange for creating parklets in the hopes that it will quickly re-acquaint customers with businesses.