CVWD Rate Increases


A new set of water and sewer rate increases will be voted on next week by the Crescenta Valley Water District Board of Directors. Pending approval, the water rate would be increased by 5.8% beginning July 1. Sewer rates would also be increased by 4.7% on July 1 and 4.4% the following year.

The district raised rates by 6.9% last July, citing needs to improve infrastructure and the water system.

The board is set to vote on the increases during its regular June 17 meeting.

According to CVWD Program Specialist Christy Scott, the intent of the increases is multi-faceted. The water district has a number of projects which would use the revenue from the rate hikes for partial funding. Among the district’s projects are plans to replace aging pipes and infrastructure throughout the Crescenta Valley and a storm water study intended to recharge the Verdugo Basin.

Scott also said that the rate increases would help CVWD deal with the inherent rising costs of the water district’s operations, as well as help the district maintain a sustainable debt level.

CVWD will hold a public meeting on June 10 at its office at 2700 Foothill Blvd., during which members of the public can speak directly with the district’s board about the potential rate increases.