Installation of Welcome to Glendale Signs Planned

 Foothill entry sign


A new entry sign to North Glendale is due to be installed on Foothill Boulevard near Pennsylvania and Lowell avenues. The sign was designed by Dave Gallagher.

According to the City of Glendale website, the City partnered with the Friends of North Glendale to create welcome signs on Foothill Boulevard. The signs would be placed at the City of Glendale entry points of Lowell and Pennsylvania.

Phil Lanzafame, director of the Community Development Department for the City of Glendale, said that the idea for the signs came from the public.

“I think the idea came from interested members of the community,” he said, adding that there is no reference to welcome signs in the North Glendale Community Plan. The North Glendale Community Plan is the official guide to development within the Glendale neighborhoods and commercial districts of the La Crescenta and Montrose and the plan does outline ideas for streetscape, landscape and intersection improvements for Foothill Boulevard.

“[The signs] are in the spirit of that direction from the North Glendale Plan,” Lanzafame said.

The final design was chosen in May by a community panel and will be manufactured and installed this summer.

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