Arts & Crafts


Local residents can visit the free 28th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival in Montrose this weekend for unique handcrafted products and a great experience.

More than 300 vendors will be at the festival. The vendors range from locals to people from San Diego, Arizona, Oregon and Northern California. The vendors will be selling different types of artsy gifts including items made from wood, different types of clothes, jewelry, fine art products and pottery. There will also be vendors selling packaged products such as vinegar, jelly, dips and bread.

“People enjoy seeing and possibly buying the crafts,” Dee Ovenden, a coordinator for the event, said. “There are a lot of neat vendors.”

The event is family friendly. Kids will be provided with entertainment such as a big slide and ponies. There will be food vendors who will sell food like lemonade , peanuts, popcorn and Mexican dishes. The Farmer’s Market will be present on Sunday.

The band Sarkis will perform both days on the west side of the three block event. Sarkis has played at the Arts and Crafts Festival for many years. Jazz groups Martini Kings, Safari Jazz and Gremoli will perform at the center of Honolulu and Oceanview.

“Everybody just loves them,” Ovenden said about Gremoli, “They are great entertainment.” The Arts and Crafts festival is put on by the Montrose Shopping Park. This is their biggest event of the year. The event will be similar to previous years. The festival will be open June 4th from 10 a.m. to 6 pm. and June 5th from 10a.m. to 5 p.m