Gang Members Arrested With A Loaded Gun

On May 15 at approximately 6:45 p.m., officers assigned to the Special Enforcement Detail were patrolling in the area of Colorado Street and Wing Street when they noticed a vehicle with no front plate and tinted front windows.

Gilbert Rios

The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. While speaking with the occupants of the vehicle, officers noticed two open alcoholic beverages in the center console cup holders. Officers also discovered that the driver, identified as 20-year-old Gilbert Rios of Glendale, was unlicensed, on probation and a documented gang member.

The passenger in the back of the vehicle, 22-year-old William Delacerda of Glendale, was also on probation and found to be a documented gang member. A juvenile female was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

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William Delacerda

During a subsequent search of the vehicle and various belongings, officers located a loaded handgun and a set of brass knuckles.

Rios, Delacerda and the juvenile were all arrested for carrying a loaded firearm in public along with participating in a criminal street gang. Rios was also charged for driving without a license while Delacerda was additionally charged with being an ex-felon with a firearm and a probation violation. The juvenile was charged with possessing the brass knuckles.