Glendale PD Air Support Unit Vectors Patrol Units For Street Racing Arrests

On May 15 just after 9 p.m., members of the Glendale/Burbank Joint Air Support Unit were actively patrolling over Glenoaks Boulevard.

The officers in the helicopter noticed two vehicles traveling next to each other eastbound on Glenoaks  from Alameda Avenue at high rates of speed. Both vehicles were making lane changes around other vehicles on the roadway and accelerating passed each other at speeds estimated to be over 60 MPH. While the Air Support Unit was vectoring in patrol units to stop the two racing vehicles, one of the vehicles stopped at a red light at Grandview. During this time, the other involved vehicle ran through this red light passing the stopped vehicle while pedestrians were in the crosswalk.

Patrol units arrived and stopped both vehicles with assistance from the Air Support Unit.
The drivers, both juveniles, were arrested for illegal speed contest and their vehicles were impounded.

On top of  patrol officers proactively patrolling the City, other Glendale PD units, such as the Air Support Unit, do as well. The Glendale Police Dept. reminds everyone to adhere to all traffic laws; keeping Glendale safe is our top priority!

Please report suspicious activity or crimes, including reckless driving and vehicle racing, to (818) 548-4911 if it is a non-emergency or call 911 if it is an emergency.