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I’m Not Smiling

Why is this man (below) smiling? Because the powers that be decided that a $0 bail would be the best move for California during the novel coronavirus epidemic and he knows he’ll be released. Does it matter that he’s a “revolving door” criminal, that he had been arrested in Glendale for two misdemeanor counts several hours before this arrest and booked at the Glendale jail? He was released shortly after that initial booking and, once released, a few hours later he set off two fire hoses inside of a parking structure and then committed the commercial burglary and felony vandalism listed for which he was arrested … again. Then there’s Andres Zuniga, 34, who has been arrested 19 times since 1998. He was arrested on Feb. 12 for stealing a vehicle, hit-and-run and resisting arrest. He was let out of jail on April 10 when the $0 bail kicked in, but surprise! He was arrested again after leading Fresno police on a chase in a stolen vehicle.

The reason behind the decision to enact a $0 bail for most misdemeanor and lower-level felony offenses is not clear. Some say it was to curb the spread of the virus in jails; others state it was in relation to courts being closed. But like many good intentioned but not well-thought-out ideas (Prop 47, anyone?), this error in judgment allows repeat offenders to be released without bail only to commit another crime – sometimes on the same day.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
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Then there are the criminals in jail for several crimes. If some of the charges against them are reduced to $0 bail, the entire bail amount is reduced and, for some, it becomes affordable to make bail and voila! A violent criminal just made it back onto our streets.

Are you shaking your head yet?

If you have an opinion on this action, voice it in the ballot box in November when an initiative will be on the ballot to make permanent $0 bail for select perpetrators.