How could they not help?


Three good Samaritans helped a man who had collapsed on the sidewalk in the 4400 block of La Crescenta Avenue on Saturday afternoon.
“His legs were wobbly and he was asking for help,” said Jesse Belisle.
He, along with Tom Vena and Molly Wilson, stopped to help the man not knowing what was wrong with him only that he needed help. This is typical behavior for the Crescenta Valley community but what makes this unique is that those mature, quick-to-respond Good Samaritans were all teenagers, two from Crescenta Valley High School.
Belisle and Vena, one on a bike and the other on a scooter, were going to meet with their youth pastor from the First Baptist Church when they noticed the man.
“He called us over and asked for help,” Vena said.
Belisle and Vena, both freshmen, noticed the man’s weakened condition as he attempted to walk up La Crescenta Avenue.
“He seemed really tired,” Vena said.
The two boys put down their bike and scooter and tried to help. At one point the man’s knees began to buckle and the two boys grabbed him under the arm. That’s when Molly Wilson, a senior at CVHS, noticed them.
“I was at the high school. I do athletic training. I noticed the two boys trying to lift [the man],” she said.
Because of her training she noticed that the man appeared dehydrated so she got him some water and made him drink. His condition continued to weaken and his legs could no longer hold him. He sat on the sidewalk. Wilson got him a blanket and the CV Sheriff’s were called.
When the sheriffs arrived they confirmed that they knew the man and he was often in the area in the same condition. He apparently had been released from a hospital earlier and, disoriented, got off the bus too early on which he was traveling.
The sheriff deputies contacted the paramedics and moved him to a shaded area. The boys and Wilson continued to make certain he had water.
The boys said they didn’t care why he needed help.
“We are both [Belisle and Vena] Christians. I go to this church [First Baptist]. We can’t go to this church and then not help someone who needs it,” Belisle said.
The paramedics arrived and the man was transported. Wilson and the boys went on with their day.