Purchase Deadline Approaches for Rosemont Preserve

The Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy (AFC) has until May 31 to come up with the funds to buy the Rosemont Preserve, which would ensure it to remain an open space for the public to enjoy, say AFC representatives.

The Rosemont Preserve is a 7.75 acre plot of land at the top of Rosemont Avenue. The entire project will cost $425,000 of which Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich pledged $350,000. After collecting private donations, the AFC still needs $40,000 to make the purchase.

Three donors have committed $20,000 to match community funds if the community can raise an additional $20,000. With this money, the AFC can successfully purchase the property and keep the land an open space for the community to visit. AFC faced an original deadline of April 30 to raise the $450,000, but that was pushed back to give AFC time to raise the funds needed.

The AFC has been giving tours to the community so members can learn firsthand of the proposed Rosemont Preserve. If the AFC owns the property, they would continue to give tours to people in the community. The tour guide will know something about the property and have a story to tell. For example, a group might learn how the Native Americans used the property or a geologist might tell the group how the property was formed.

“Neighbors have been supportive of our effort,” said John Howell, executive director of AFC.

Howell said the AFC met with people at hikes and town hall meetings to find out what people are concerned about.

“We have arrived at having the Rosemont Preserve be a place where you come and access it by arrangement. As a community member, you’ll come to the property with a particular experience in mind.”

Many people have donated $500 or more to create the preserve.

“I think it should just be kept like it is,” said Steve Pierce, one of the donors. “Just to be open space for people to go up and see the way nature is and to enjoy the pristine area that it is. I would not want to see it developed or anything of that nature. Just keep it as it is and let our grandkids enjoy it.”

“I want the community  to realize this is going to be a resource for the entire community and the opportunities the property will present are potentially as broad as people’s imaginations in terms of how suitably we use it… respecting wildlife and the habitat and it’s going create opportunities for the schools and it’s going to create opportunities for people who would like a wilderness experience right out their backdoor,” Howell said.

To donate, visit www.arroyosfoothills.org/rosemont/ or mail acheck to Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy; P.O. Box 3; Altadena, CA 91003-0003 or call John Howell (626) 796-0782.

Donations are tax-deductible.

“We’ve learned so much of the opportunities the community has to enjoy the property that we are looking forward to buying the property and getting more programs in place,” Howell said. “We already have the docent-led tours in place.”