Sunset and Foothill Future

Photo by Mary O’KEEFE
Community members are being warned to be aware of their surroundings. Do not leave their property, like purses, unattended.


A photo on the corner of Sunset Avenue and Foothill Boulevard has some residents curious as to what this complex is and when it may be built.

“The [Los Angeles] County approved a 31 unit apartment building,” said David Hartunian, owner/broker of the property.

Some of those units will be designated as affordable housing. Hartunian said he thinks there will be about four or five units for low income.

The land was purchased, then an architect was hired to generate plans for what could be proposed for the site. Once a plan was created, it went to the Department of LA County Planning to go through a series of proposals, reviews and approval. Once it is approved then the option of the proposed development is offered to a buyer, according to Hartunian.

“We are looking for a family environment, both to buy [the property] and to occupy,” he added.

Although there has been a lot of talk about having new housing developments being built without parking, Hartunian said the plans they have for this building includes subterranean parking.

Of course the proposed and approved building could all be changed once a developer purchases the property. The new owners, in fact, can throw the proposed plans out and start all over again.

CVW will continue to follow this property.