Support for Local Waste Management Company

About a dozen community members attended a recent presentation on trash collection services in the unincorporated portions of La Crescenta/Montrose.
Photo by Lucian KUGLER

By Lucian KUGLER

On Saturday, the La Crescenta Library hosted an event organized by Los Angeles County Public Works to provide a presentation on the contract for trash collection services in the unincorporated portions of LA County La Crescenta/Montrose. The event was attended by a dozen members of the community who expressed their unanimous support for Burrtec Waste Industries, the current waste management company for unincorporated portions of La Crescenta/Montrose, and their desire for the Burrtec contract to be renewed.

Since 2014, Burrtec has been providing waste management services to unincorporated portions of La Crescenta/Montrose and the community members in attendance spoke highly of the company’s service. They even expressed their willingness to pay more for the service should that be necessary to keep Burrtec in the area.

However, the contract with Burrtec expires in 2024 and community members had two requests for the county officials present. First, they wanted the status quo to be maintained with minimal increases in fees and no reduction in service and for Burrtec to be retained as the waste management company for unincorporated portions of La Crescenta/Montrose. One audience member even described Burrtec as “The best service in the last 50 years.”

Second, the community members expressed a strong desire to have the ability to vote on matters such as the trash collection services contract rather than just provide feedback and have the decision made by officials. They argued that they should have the power to decide which company’s bill they pay, rather than being told.

The community’s desire for the ability to vote on matters like these is similar to other communities where residents want a greater say in decisions that affect their daily lives. This desire for increased democracy and community involvement is particularly evident in matters related to public services, such as waste management, where the quality of service can have a significant impact on the well-being of the community. The event at the La Crescenta Library highlighted the importance of engaging with community members and listening to their feedback when making decisions. The support for a Burrtec contract renewal and the desire for increased community involvement in decision-making demonstrate the need for greater transparency and accountability in public services. As the contract expiration date approaches, the CV Town Council will also be hearing a presentation from Burrtec officials. Those affected will keep an eye on how county officials respond to the community’s feedback and whether their wishes are considered.