MSPA Welcomes New Glendale City Manager

Photo by Nicole MOORE
Yasmin Beers introduced herself to the MSPA

By Nicole MOORE

On May 3, the Montrose Shopping Park Association began the open forum discussion of its monthly meeting by welcoming the newly appointed Glendale City Manager Yasim Beers. Her role as city manager is significant because she is the first woman to hold the position in Glendale’s 112 years.

“This is important [because] young girls are looking at someone and saying, ‘I can do that, she’s a female,’” said Beers.

Beers has been serving the City of Glendale for the past 30 years, and is familiar with the community and its many issues.

“Knowing the community for so many years gives me the opportunity to look at things slightly differently. We need to look at issues from the community perspective and not just from our perspective. [We must] simplify processes for the general public. We will continue to [assist with] the needs you have here,” assured Beers.

Next to speak were members of the Glendale Community Services and Parks Dept. who explained the Parents Night Out event that allows parents, for $15, to drop off their children from 6 p.m. to midnight at the Sparr Heights Community Center. Parents who participate in the event will receive $10 in scrip redeemable at any of the Montrose Shopping Park shops and restaurants. While the night out program will not take place in the summer months, the program will pick up again in the fall.

Drew Sugars, Glendale Community College’s director of Communications and Community Relations, updated the MSPA on the GCC’s somewhat recent purchase of the vacant Citibank property. The property will be converted into off-campus classrooms. Sugars mentioned that the property’s trash receptacle was continually overflowing and, eventually, GCC came to the decision to remove it. Members of the MSPA brought up their concerns regarding limited parking because the classrooms will bring an influx of people into the Montrose Shopping Park. Sugars’ solutions to this challenge included expanding the Glendale Beeline and employing the use of shuttle buses.

MSPA members also discussed allowing EBT cardholders to purchase food at the Montrose Harvest Market. Only one member expressed hesitancy in implementing the program.

“It’s about feeding people who need assistance … one in five children are food insecure,” said Kristina Evans, co-owner of Rest Farmhouse Inspired, in favor of the cause.

“It’s a very nice gesture. If you can help you should always be there for people,” agreed Andre Ordubegian, president of the MSPA.

The next MSPA meeting will be held at GCC’s Personal Development Center at 2340 Honolulu Ave. on June 7. The meeting, open to the public, begins at 8 a.m.