LAPD may have La Cañada bank robber


Los Angeles Police Department has arrested a suspect that may be the man who entered and robbed a teller at the Bank of America at 537 Foothill Blvd. in La Cañada on April 19.

On April 24, LAPD in Hollywood arrested Daniel Nardine, 31, of Sunland during a narcotics investigation, said Sgt. Ray Harley, CV Sheriff’s.

Through a cooperative investigation with LAPD, sheriffs feel there is evidence via fingerprints that can tie the suspect to not only the La Cañada bank incident but to another Tujunga bank robbery.

“When LAPD arrested Nardine they [discovered] information that led them to believe he may possibly be involved in the bank robbery that occurred in Tujunga. They shared that information with us and the FBI,” Harley said.

On April 22, a man matching the suspect’s description entered a Chase bank in Tujunga and demanded money. In both incidents it was reported the suspect warned the teller he had a bomb as he demanded money.

According to Harley, in the La Cañada robbery no weapons were visible.

“The methods were similar in both [Tujunga and La Cañada],” said Laura Eimiler, spokeswoman for the FBI.

The FBI had named the robber the Foothill Bomber Bandit.

“The suspect has not been charged in connection with the bank robberies,” Eimiler said.

“He hasn’t been charged yet but we do plan on filing charges [against Nardine] for the La Cañada bank robbery next week,” Harley added.

At the time of his arrest Nardine was on parole. He is currently in custody on a parole violation and suspicion of possession of narcotics.

“The suspect is in custody now through LAPD. We are still working with the LAPD and the FBI,” Harley said.