Elections 2022

In our ongoing efforts to better acquaint our readers with the candidates they’ll be voting on in June, CV Weekly posed three questions to each of the candidates running for U.S. Representative for Districts 28 and 30. Note that we may have had to limit their responses due to space limitations. Candidates’ responses are listed alphabetically by first name.

To learn more about each candidate consider visiting their websites.

1) Given the realities of politics and the legislative process what do you believe you can realistically legislatively accomplish, if elected, in your first/next term. 

2) What do you think the three most important issues facing our country? * Due to space limitations in the paper, candidates can just list the issues and not offer solutions.

U.S. Representative District 28

Dorothy Caronna

  1. Dorothy has spent the last several years being an advocate for those in the San Gabriel Valley, Claremont, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena and other surrounding areas for many years. If elected to Congress, Dorothy’s prime concerns would be getting housing to those that need it. This involves creating legislation involving rent control, higher wages and funds to help small businesses get back on their feet after COVID.
  2. Her prime concerns are issues related to poverty and helping those that were financially impacted by COVID and the housing crisis in Los Angeles.

Judy Chu

I am working on several bills that solve critical problems for Americans that I believe will be signed into law:

  1. I just secured $17 million through the Appropriations bill for local projects including affordable housing in the San Gabriel Valley, city-wide broadband in Pasadena, and water contamination cleanup. I am already planning now with local input for projects in next year’s bill.
  2. I am a conferee on a Bipartisan Innovation bill that will strengthen America’s leadership in the world in innovation and technology. It will increase our manufacturing in semiconductors, improve the supply chain and reduce inflation.
  3. Increase access to capital for small businesses – My bills increase the amounts available for an SBA-backed fund for high potential start-ups, and strengthen a lending program for disadvantaged small businesses.
  4. Increase retirement security – Secure 2.0 provides automatic enrollment in retirement savings and includes my bill, the Saver’s Tax Credit for low-income people.

Three priorities:

  1. Strengthen our economy by providing good-paying jobs through infrastructure initiatives.
  2. Reduce healthcare premiums and the cost of prescription drugs – Americans should not pay the highest price for prescription drugs in the world.
  3. Invest in clean energy like solar and wind power.



U.S. Representative District 30

Antony Rodriguez

  1. Education – Pass a bill to do away with Critical Race Theory indoctrination.

Law Enforcement – More resources and training for law enforcement. The federal government should be more engaged in public safety since under the Constitution they are responsible for public safety.

  1. Public Safety – We need to refund law enforcement and also constantly train law enforcement. Being an Army veteran, constant training is critical to accomplish the mission/job safely. 

Economy –The pandemic is over. Pumping money into the economy got us in this mess with inflation. We need a common sense budget. We have to work with all parties to come up with a sensible budget. As a country we need to prioritize which programs need immediate attention. When we fund a program we need to have oversight on where the money is being spent and is the money being spent being used for what it is meant for. 

Government Over-reach – Ronald Reagan said it best: “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” We need to reduce the size of the federal government and term limits must be set for all political positions. The President should not be the only one that has a term limit.


G “Maebe A Girl” Pudio

  1. I believe and know that it’s fully possible for Congress to pass legislation that will protect a person’s right to choose in regards to abortion. Bodily autonomy is an essential human right. Codify Roe v. Wade.
  2. The most important issues facing our country right now are guaranteeing universal healthcare and housing, environmental justice via a Green New Deal, and staying out of war.

Patrick Gipson

  1. First, I will enact on behalf of our long-standing Constitution and the rights bestowed upon us by our foreseeing forefathers. As a current LA County Sheriff’s deputy for 23 years, I have served and protected our communities despite the chaos from unconstitutional mandates and the defunding of law enforcement by our local elected officials.
  2. The top three main issues our country is currently facing are illegal immigration of people and drugs (Fentanyl) coming through our open borders resulting in higher crimes. In addition, the severe homelessness/mental illness issues California is facing that plagues the district without resolution. Current legislatures have politicized homelessness with funding being thwarted by poor organization and ineffective methods only to house a fraction of the people they claimed they would. I intend to pass legislation to hold “conservators” of the funds accountable to delegate appropriately to mental health facilitators and drug rehab counselors. We have to fix our country from the gutters on up, otherwise we cover up the waste and build upon that. We have risen up to reclaim our district and, with your support of my position in Congress, we will accomplish all goals together. I can promise you that I will fearlessly accept this challenge on our behalf. Thank you for your consideration. 


Sal Genovese

  1. I will be able to get through Congress my “Anna Rose Immigration Reform Act,” which will address the illegal immigration issue, establish 24-hour Boarder Processing Centers, provide current undocumented immigrants and especially “dreamers” an opportunity to become provisional citizens, with a pathway to citizenship within five years, a bill to reduce the “wealth gap,” the “America Strong Act” that will cut taxes for hard-working Americans, simplify the tax code, giving more income to those struggling to take care of their families, for no American should have to work two or three jobs to provide for their families.
  2. #1 Freedom – Our freedoms are under attack in many sectors of our Nation, as well as around the World, for the erosion of freedom feeds into divisiveness, and breaths life into all forms of racism.

#2 Crime – Crime invites violence and fear into our neighborhoods where we may become a victim of a criminal act or perhaps shot by an angry or mentally unstable person. Living in fear in America is unacceptable.

#3 Homelessness – A national disgrace! It affects every community in our nation, and has reached a pandemic level, and I will introduce my “Welcome Home Seven,” a program to end homelessness.