Prom – and Prom Plus – Season has Arrived

A full casino has been a staple at Prom Plus.
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Since 1994, a local organization has hosted a post-prom event for Crescenta Valley High School seniors and their guests. 

Prom is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for high school seniors. Typically taking place at the end of the school year, the event is designed for students to celebrate their achievements with their peers. While prom is generally an exciting event for students, it is also often a night for risky behavior – especially at prom after-parties. For those who desire an unforgettable night – without the downsides – Prom Plus is for them.

The Prom Plus event takes place on May 13/May 14 at the Crescenta-Cañada YMCA at 1930 Foothill Blvd. in La Cañada Flintridge from midnight to 4 a.m. Compared to the cost of a standard prom night, which can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars, Prom Plus provides a great experience at no cost for prom ticket buyers (seniors who choose not to go to prom but want to go to Prom Plus pay only $20 at the door). The event is staffed by parent volunteers and community members.

Prom Plus was founded after the death of Berlyn Cosman, a CVHS senior who was murdered at a prom after-party in 1991.

According to Joy McCreary, president of Prom Plus, “Berlyn Cosman was a member of our Crescenta Valley family… Her death sparked a community response to ensure that such an act of violence would not occur again.”

McCreary added, “Prom Plus has been an anchor in the community for the last 30 years. This organization has provided a safe, secure place for seniors after prom nearly every year. Beyond that, the level of service of this organization goes above and beyond. Prom Plus is at most community events throughout the year and is a staple to Crescenta Valley.” 

McCreary said that Prom Plus has been a part of her life since she was in at Crescenta Valley High School a decade ago.

“I participated in many of the events [Prom Plus] did, and then attended Prom Plus after my prom as a senior,” said McCreary. “Now it’s an amazing opportunity to give back and make sure seniors have the same experience I did.”

The event boasts a wide range of activities that a typical prom venue simply does not offer. These include casino games, mechanical bull rides, laser tag, zip-lining, rock climbing, Dance Dance Revolution, and a brand new photo booth with Photo360. Food and drinks are available free of charge throughout the night. Quesadillas, hot dogs, sandwiches, desserts and soft drinks are just a few examples of the many food options available to satisfy a student’s late night cravings.

Prom Plus is entirely funded through donations from individuals and local businesses, as well as a percentage received from prom ticket sales, in recognition of the value of providing students with a safe yet unforgettable after-prom party.

Prom Plus has been a significant success since its founding, with hundreds of students participating in the event each year.

Those interested in volunteering or donating to the nonprofit Prom Plus should visit