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Let the Vacation Begin

What better way to start a vacation than with the sounds of Caribbean music, an ice cream cone in hand (followed by a piña colada) and the wind blowing through my hair. This is what I experienced on Tuesday after Steve and I boarded the Emerald Princess for our Caribbean cruise.

We flew out of Burbank on Sunday to Atlanta, Georgia to visit Steve’s aunt. Can you believe that despite being married 43 years I had never met this woman? So what a joy it was to meet “Aunt Rosie” and her daughter Cindy Lou (yes – Cindy Lou, like Cindy Lou Who in the Dr. Seuss books) in Georgia.

Leaving Atlanta and coming to Fort Lauderdale, Florida was a bit of a challenge, however. Our flight was delayed by more than four hours. But true to form (and knowing that a Princess cruise waited), Steve and I persevered and made it to Fort Lauderdale.

We are settled in a beautiful stateroom, complete with balcony, gently slicing through the waves on our way to Princess Cay.

I’d write more but dinner awaits.