For Right Now

I can tell I’m getting a little testy. When I’m out and about (not very often) and I see someone I know, I instinctively reach out my hand to shake before I remember that we don’t do that right now.
It’s particularly hard to not hug my granddaughter who, thankfully, seems to understand that we can’t touch – at least right now. I keep telling myself that’s the way it is, if only for right now, and eventually this hated pandemic will end.
In Tuesday’s e-blast (to sign up to be in the blast zone, email and she will add you to the list of people who get emailed updates of current events) there was a story from the LA County Board of Supervisors requesting plans from appropriate departments that the County can put into place to gradually reopen. It indicates that our government, even at the local level, is cautiously preparing how to ease current restrictions. And while I appreciate learning new technology – I hosted a Zoom wine tasting – in truth I prefer being with my friends rather than just seeing my friends.
I am not alone. In today’s Spiritually Speaking section on page 16, a question is posed about a young woman’s depression; she is graduating from high school and there is no graduation ceremony and some of her first year college classes will be online. These are milestone events that she feels robbed of – rightly so.
She’s not alone. For every high school and college graduate, for every kid turning 16 or 21, there’s a sense of loss.
Mary O’Keefe’s youngest turned 21 on Tuesday. Her creative family came up with a variety of ways to celebrate. But this young woman has already had a lot thrown at her. She attends college up north and had friends at the Borderline Bar & Grill on Nov. 7, 2018 – the day of the mass shooting. She was barely able to process that information when she was evacuated due to the Hill Fire that started on Nov. 8. This past Tuesday was her 21st birthday and, due to the COVID-19 situation, it was hardly the birthday she expected. But she has a resiliency that is admirable and seems to understand that this is the way it is – at least for right now.
These are truly historic times that we are living in and, like so many other people, I long for the days of traditional birthday celebrations, graduations, weddings and other milestone events.
But this is the way it is – at least for right now.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
She can be reached at or
(818) 248-2740.