Unity, Advocacy and Resilience Recognized at Ceremony

Schiff speaks to the crowd at the commemorative event on Monday. Photo by Roman INGUANZO


On Monday, April 24, the Armenian Genocide Committee hosted a community-wide public event outside Glendale City Hall commemorating the 108th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. A large crowd gathered for the remembrance ceremony, demonstrating a strong sense of unity among Glendale’s Armenian residents. Congressman Adam Schiff was in attendance, adding another demonstration of his history of being a champion for the Armenian community.

During his speech at the event, Schiff called for an end to the current blockade of the Lachin corridor. The crowd responded to Schiff’s call-to-action with resounding applause.

This was not the first time Schiff showed support for the Armenian community. From being the first member of Congress to call for the official recognition of Artsakh’s independence to being the lead sponsor of a congressional resolution officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide (https://tinyurl.com/eumdbkz6), Rep. Schiff continues to champion the cause of the Armenian community. 

The remembrance event highlighted the significance of the Armenian Genocide. Despite overwhelming evidence, the Armenian Genocide is denied by Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan. But Armenians continue their fight for recognition and justice.

Monday’s event was sober and reflective. Yet vigor for justice energized the crowd – demonstrating that Armenians remain steadfast in their efforts to achieve it.