Glendale Reports

On Saturday about 2 a.m., a Glendale police officer was patrolling the area of Community and New York avenues when he noticed a man wearing a pair of gloves and holding a flashlight attempting to hide between vehicles. After contacting the individual and conducting further investigation, the officer conducted a search of the individual’s vehicle, which was parked nearby. The search revealed evidence of narcotics, personal information of numerous victims and a shaved key. The man was ultimately arrested for suspicion of burglary, possession of narcotics and identity theft.


Late Sunday morning, April 21, a Glendale resident returned to his/her home in the 2600 block of Cañada Boulevard to find it burglarized. At about 11:30 a.m., the resident called Glendale police communications to report the residential burglary. Officers arrived and found that the point of entry was an unlocked rear slider door. The reported loss was a significant amount of cash and jewelry.

The suspect has not yet been identified and the investigation is ongoing.