Meet the Candidates

A computer glitch prevented the answers from candidate Dave Weaver to be included in last week’s issue. Below are his answers to the questions posed by CV Weekly.


1) Has the release of the 710 EIR changed or affirmed your position on the project? I have had no position and I have none yet. I have not received the draft EIR that I requested. I understand it is 2,000 pages. I would not have had the time to review such a massive document. I have reviewed hundreds of CEQA and EIR documents as a project manager with the Corps of Engineers and as a councilman for 18 years. I will review all alternatives and look with interest at the impacts of each. Those impacts may be able to be mitigated for and, other impacts, not so. Impacts that can be mitigated for will be delineated in the document. The cost of those mitigation measures is not a concern in an environmental document. I will look at the appendices that have details on traffic analysis, underground soil conditions, noise studies, etc. Following my review, asking questions when necessary, I will formulate my position. I will attempt to explain my position as clearly as I can in the public eye.

2) Do you believe councilmember compensation should be set by the council (Measure C)? I never ran for council for the money. I made a living working for the Corps of Engineers. I didn’t know what salary or benefits I would receive. My salary was cut in half when Gov. Brown eliminated redevelopment agencies throughout the state. What is left is what I received in 1997. It seems logical that a base salary should be set and adjustments pegged to the Cost of Living index or CPI. Nothing gets cheaper, not even a loaf of bread. Status quo means it will take a ballot measure to change salaries. The cost to put a measure on the ballot could range from $25,000 to the hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending if we place it on an election ballot or a special election. I think it is fair to permit future council members to expect a periodic adjustment in pay but without any political influence from council members now or ever.

3) What is your opinion about the proposal to route the “bullet train” through Angeles National Forest including Shadow Hills?  I don’t support the bullet train concept. I believe it has a political motivation and I don’t mind stating that in public. We don’t even have the funds for construction from the Bay Area to Orange County. We don’t know if the cost estimates are realistic. They increase every day with the increased costs of materials and labor. The source of funds is nebulous and uncertain. Lands have not been acquired except in remote areas of the San Joaquin Valley.  The price for tickets is not certain. Will it be able to compete with local airline flights to and from the Bay Area (Bob Hope Airport to San Francisco or Oakland)? Multiple lawsuits that will be filed in state and federal courts that will cost millions of dollars to defend and time to resolve as construction may have to be halted until they are settled. Time will create cost increases that are not budgeted for or may be unavailable if the federal government is involved in funding.