From the Desk of the Publisher

It’s Scary Out There … But I’ve Seen Hope

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
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(818) 248-2740.

Like most CV Weekly readers, I’ve been bombarded with messages, news and information from a variety of sources. Because we are the local newspaper, the staff here is working diligently to push out the facts of COVID-19 and its effect on the nation in general and our community specifically.

Even when we were covering the Station Fire back in 2009 I have never seen a situation change so quickly. One day a business is open, the next it is closed “until further notice.” Restaurants are offering curbside pickup … and would you like a side of alcohol with that? Those most vulnerable, including those over 60 (or is it 65?), are told to stay inside but then some stores are opening early to accommodate these older shoppers.

On social media you can find folks who stubbornly adhere to the notion that they should be able to hang out with other non-symptomatic people. Problem with that is sometimes they have the virus but don’t yet exhibit symptoms. We’re trying to stop the spread, people. Let’s stick to home for the next couple of weeks.

In this week’s paper you’ll see how creative some folks are getting by staying social while keeping their distance and seeing how some are putting a grin on friends and neighbors who walk by.

And let’s not avoid the subject: There’s another change you’ll see in this paper – as well as last week’s. It’s smaller.

I’ve had to cut out the sports section – there are no sports happening – and the Just For Fun section (or as Mary’s daughter Jessy calls it, Just For Now section) has been decimated since all events in that section have been canceled or postponed. Some of my key advertisers have taken a hiatus while they hunker in place, unable to conduct the business that they advertise in this paper.

But others are staying open – and not only do they want your business, they need your business. Realtors Jana Wunderlich and Phyllis Harb are steadfast in their support of the CV Weekly. Mary Cardea Landscaping and Bob Smith Toyota are open as are KB at La Crescenta Pharmacy and the good folks at Arianna Pharmacy. In these tense times, you might want to check out licensed marriage and family therapist Patricia Kennedy. A newer advertiser, CBD Comfort Zone, not only offers organic and affordable products but also can provide expert advice. USC-VHH wants to celebrate the hardworking doctors at our local hospital and on the back page of today’s paper you can see how they’re doing that. Glendale Area Schools Credit Union offers outstanding rates – and outstanding service.

You get the idea; these businesses are supporting us and because they are we can keep doing what we love: providing the most relevant news and information to our community.

Don’t own a business but want to show the love? Buy a subscription to the CV Weekly. Get the community’s favorite newspaper delivered to your doorstep every Thursday. It’s $65 a year – that’s $1.25 a week. Not only do your dollars go a long way but during these stressful times you won’t have to go looking for a copy; it’ll be waiting for you when you wake up on Thursday morning.

Thank you to our advertisers and readers; we’re glad you’re here and we’re glad we’re here for you.