Kathryn Barger Secures Third Term as LA County Supervisor for the 5th District


Los Angeles County has solidified its leadership for the board of supervisors, 5th District, with incumbent Kathryn Barger winning her third and final term – members of the board of supervisors are limited to three four-year terms. Barger, representing the largest district in the county, has successfully defeated four challengers ensuring her position on the board of supervisors without the need for a November runoff.

As of the latest count of the March 5 primary election ballots, Barger had received 56.82% of the vote, exceeding the necessary 50% plus one threshold allowing the candidate to win outright and therefore not needing to participate in the November election. In fact, all of the LA County supervisors incumbent candidates running for office in the March election received over 50% plus one. Holly Mitchell, who represents the 2nd District, received 68.45% of the votes cast and Janice Hahn, who represents the 4th District, received 57.80% of the votes.

“I want to thank every voter who supported our campaign. It is because of your support that I am positioned to continue representing our County’s large and diverse Fifth District,” said Barger in a statement. “County service has been my focus for over 35 years and the results so far serve as a validation that experience and hard work does not go unnoticed.”

Barger’s victory cements her status as the lone Republican on the board, highlighting her appeal across a diverse electorate.

“It was an honor to have such strong support from across the District. I remain deeply grateful to all who supported and joined our campaign: labor, business, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, local leaders and Fifth District community members. I could not have gotten here without them,” she stated.

She added that the County is at a “critical juncture” and promised to continue to work on issues like homelessness and keeping communities safe.

Assemblymember Chris Holden was Barger’s closest challenger receiving 21.92% of the vote. Holden is terming out of the 41st District he represents. Holden recently spoke with Barger and congratulated her on her win.