Hungry? They’re Ready to Take Your Order

While many restaurants have shut down in response to COVID-19, several have remained open for meal pickup or delivery … and they are desperate for business.

In an email sent out by popular restaurant Lemonade, where you go isn’t as important as just going and supporting these restaurants.

“We are finally sick of watching the news,” stated the email from Lemonade. “The ban on dining rooms, while useful in ‘flattening the curve,’ is going to decimate our industry. Without your help, our industry is going to rapidly get damaged in an irreparable manner.

“The government guidelines are to avoid large gatherings. We agree with that. Yet, the grocery store parking lot was packed pre-open and there were 100 people waiting in line to get in. 

“You know what is not packed? Your favorite local restaurants’ kitchens, which can safely and rapidly create delicious food for you during this time of social distancing.”

CV Weekly has compiled a list of local restaurants that are serving up meals for pickup or delivery. We love eating out – publisher Robin Goldsworthy and reporter Mary O’Keefe can typically be found in the dining room of Town in Montrose after the paper is sent to the printers – and will continue the tradition by ordering our favorite burger for pickup after work on Wednesday nights.

Lemonade reminds diners that restaurant teams cannot work from home and depend on the income from patrons. It also reminds that restaurants manage cross contamination on a daily basis.

“We have shelves full of cleaners, disinfectants and gloves,” Lemonade said of restaurants, “and we know how to use them.”


Restaurant List


The Baked Bear

(818) 495-7070

Take Out




Berolina Bakery

(818) 249-6506

Take Out




Black Cow Café


Take Out/Delivery/ Delivery Service




Blaze Pizza

(818) 483-0535

Take Out/Delivery/Delivery Service




Corsica’s Deli

(818) 352-7213

Take Out




Crows Nest Sports Grille

(818) 535-0852

Take Out





(818) 790-5355

Take Out




Georgee’s Pizza

(818) 790-0637

Take Out/Delivery





(818) 415-0489

Take Out/Delivery Service




Jeremy’s Coffee Shop


Take Out




Joselito’s Mexican food


Take Out/ Delivery Service





Los Gringos in La Canada

(818) 790-2696

Take Out/Delivery/ Delivery Service





(818) 790-2348

Take Out




Mins Kitchen

(818) 790-6074

Take Out




New Moon Chinese


Take Out/Delivery/ Delivery Service




North Shore Burgers


Take Out





(818) 248-6622

Take Out/Delivery




Seasoning Alley


Take Out/Delivery Service




Star Café

(818) 957-7827

Take Out/Delivery




Town Kitchen & Grill


Take Out/Delivery




Zeke’s BBQ

(818) 957-7045

Take Out





Hill Street Café

Alissa’s Ocean View Café

Casa Cordoba

Gio’s Bakery