Schiff Responds to President Zelenskyy’s Address to Congress

On Wednesday, Congressman Adam Schiff issued the following statement after President Zelenskyy delivered an address to Congress:

“President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to Congress was powerful and moving. And the images he displayed once again exposed the depravity of Russia’s war against Ukraine. When this conflict is finally over, the scenes of demolished Ukrainian cities and slaughtered women and children will be the defining memories of Putin’s aggression.

“The United States and our allies have delivered billions in humanitarian, military and economic aid to the Ukrainian people as they fight to defend their homeland. But President Zelenskyy reminded us we can and must do more – the Ukrainian people are counting on it.

“Today (Wednesday), President Biden announced the United States will answer President Zelenskyy’s call and deliver more than $1 billion in new security assistance to Ukraine as it fends off the third week of Russian aggression. This aid – stemming from the $13 billion Congress authorized last week – will be used to bolster Ukraine’s defensive capabilities, including providing for the kinds of anti-armor and anti-air systems the Ukrainian army most needs to protect its country from the menace of Russia’s land and aerial assault. And this will not be the end of our assistance – far from it. We will continue to find new ways to help bolster Ukraine’s ability to protect its own skies, while preventing escalation that draws the United States into open warfare with Russia.

“Only Vladimir Putin has the power to end this senseless war. But with this additional aid, Ukraine will be able to better withstand his campaign of terror. The United States and its allies will continue to stand with Ukraine until it triumphs over Putin’s devastating folly.”