Prayer Breakfast Highlights Unity of Purpose

Photos by Mary O’KEEFE
Nearly 100 people filled Sadler Hall for the annual prayer breakfast.


On Saturday, the 9th Annual Crescenta Valley Prayer Breakfast was held at St. Luke’s of the Mountains Episcopal Church. The event was organized by the CV Town Council along with members of local organizations. JoAnn Stupakis was the chair of the event.

Dr. Linda Junge, principal of Crescenta Valley High School, was the keynote speaker. The focus of her talk was on Unity of Purpose.

“The word ‘love’ is important as I look around this room,” she told the audience of about 100. “I am really hopeful because we organize so well as a community.”

She talked about how research has shown the importance of mentorship, and simply being present for each other.

Representing State Senator Anthony Portantino, Vickere Murphy, left, presented keynote speaker Dr. Linda Junge with a certificate.

“As a high school, when we travel to other communities we fill the gym,” Junge said.

Often the school sports teams will travel great distances to “away games,” especially during championship games, and at times CVHS fans outnumber those who are hosting the home game.

“We show up for each other,” she said.

She gave examples of outreach in the community including a recent Fire House youth center strategic meeting that was led by St. Luke’s and Prom Plus, an organization that last year celebrated its 25th anniversary. Prom Plus was created in response to a 1991 murder of a CV High School student at an after-prom party. She spoke of the measured response to the tragedy.

“[They] didn’t [have] a knee-jerk reaction and have a [Prom Plus] for a year or two,” Junge said. “That is not what this community does.”

Bagpiper was Rev. Paul Tangonan played Amazing Grace at the end of the breakfast

But, she added, there are still those who struggle, still those who are not connected to the community.

“School needs to be a daily dose of healing interaction,” she added. “That is the challenge I expect for myself and the challenge I [give] my staff.”